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 Francesc Gal?


Albert Sala’s painting is captivating by its academical rigour of form and composition, where the central subject is supported by the perfection of the drawing that transmits the reality of the represented.

Urban landspcape, a main subject in his works, is solved  with the  mastership of the ones who dominate the complexity of the architectural proportions; thus he creates and recreates form with steady and tangible qualities that take os to face transcendental realities.

The difficulties meant by the representation of urban spaces are skilfully overcome by means of a fine shade in their arrangement, with a remarkable realism of the components, which determine categories of totality through the resolution of the problems that appear, in effects of acomplished compositions where geometry reaches integrity and solidness.

Also, his realism has an execution of a polished composition, in wich he obtains the proper combination and correspondence of the representations, just because of his knowledge of the golden proportion that rules the order and invariable  disposal that natural things keep on; of the reason to which actions must be adjusted amn that, we insist on it, is only his consummate mastership in the drawing and colouring.

We are before an artist who uses his well doing to offer to us a natural realism in harmonic conjunctions.

Catalan Society of Art Critics