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 Joan Llop


Albert Sala is not a hiperrealistic, but a magical realist painter. The antecedence of his works is in the Landscape of Delf, of Vermeer, or in the sights of de villa Medicci, of Velázquez, though he hasn’t stopped studying the no figurative art, but without complying to the rules of the academies. His art expresses a timeless poetics; the temporality of his landscapes is given by the human beings and his own soul. It penetrates, sometimes into the more concealed of the buildings he paints; there slowly, diminishing the rythm of his shining brush, his painting calms down seizing the “ego” of objects and beings, whether they are melancholic pigeons or delosate men. But soon he comes out to the road again; watchful and visionary, he retakes the emotion of the wet town; “Landscape is a state of the soul”, and the Albert Sala’s, a good and fair artist, sifts to us the asperities of the harmful and the quotidian, encharcing the more peaceful of the urban entourage.

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